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Let me introduce you to, Lance Beggs - a price action trader that is a little different to most...

While he relies on technicals to a certain degree, his edge comes from the ability to adapt the mindset of other participants and gauge entries based on their fear. Lance refers to this as the metagame, which he breaks down in much greater detail during the interview.

Lance also goes into how he controls tight stops, and uses an aggressive risk management strategy to trade without fear. Plus, this segment includes some great tips on how to nail the re-entry, that many traders struggle with, mainly due to psychology reasons.

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Just like the majority of those who make it, Adam will not hesitate to tell you, he was no overnight success. He went through the same struggles and faced the same challenges that many of us can relate to.

However, the one thing that set Adam apart was the fact he never gave up. And it was that determination and perseverance that landed him in the hot seat with a trading mentor, who was able to steer him in the right direction.

Jumping forward a few years Adam has forged his own method for success, and actively trades Crude Oil, Gold, and the S&P 500 futures.

During this interview you will hear about his journey on a much deeper level, and you’ll pick up many great pointers, especially around the topic of setting goals and how to actually achieving them.

On the other hand, if you’re already somewhat familiar, then I can promise that you will learn a whole lot more and really benefit from this weeks guest – Zach Hurwitz…

An independent equities trader, trading coach, systems developer, consultant to emerging hedge funds and proprietary trading firms, and VWAP mastermind.

For Zach, VWAP forms the lifeline of his trading, and for good reason, this indicator is heavily relied on by many institutional and algorithmic traders.

Over the next two hours (yes, two hours!) Zach delivers a thought-provoking introduction to VWAP. And shares many insights around his trading philosophies, psychology pointers, and what it takes to code a trading system.

TAKE NOTE: Zach is offering a 30 minute one-on-one coaching session at no cost, exclusively to listeners of Chat With Traders. Listen to the full interview, for details on how to take him up on this generous offer.

It was early 2012 when he first ventured into the jungle of penny stocks. After catching on to how these markets operated and understood the manipulation, he certainly mastered a few setups that paid him generously over and over again. Eventually he hit a few limitations, and now he's predominantly a short-seller of NASDAQ stocks, which makes for an interesting segment during this interview.

He is undoubtedly one guy you should pay close attention to, and his name is Tim Grittani, aka @KroyRunner89.

Looking back, Tim has now pinpointed the 5 key factors that have contributed to the majority of his success to date, and breakdowns each of them over the next 40+ minutes.

Plus, you'll also hear about the events that lead up to his gigantic single trade loss of $290,000 during October last year. This will give you a great appreciation of just how bad things can get when you go against your trading rules. Because as you'll hear when the ongoing problem surfaced, it got ugly - real quick!

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